Re-elect / March 4 Joe Pato Selectman


Lexington is a vibrant community. Joe understands the important challenges and priorities our community faces. As a Selectman, he consistently collaborates with key stakeholders on the issues while staying focused on what makes Lexington a great place to live, work, and educate our children.

As we move forward, Joe’s priorities are to:

Fiscal and Economic Development Policy

Joe asks tough questions to ensure that every penny spent by the Town is justified. From his first days on the Appropriation Committee to today, he rolls up his sleeves and works to find ways to save residents money.

Environmental Sustainability

Joe is a strong voice and leader to help Lexington move forward in promoting health and safety in our community’s environment. He has:

Public Safety

Public safety is among Joe’s highest priorities. Through his advocacy, Lexington has:

Collaboration & Community

Joe believes that we are one community and that the role of a Selectmen is to balance competing interests and bring people together toward compromise and consensus.